Saturday, 22 August 2009

The Leeway gets GOLD

Last week we got great news , we achieved Gold with the Green Tourism Buisiness Scheme. We are really proud of this and will continue to work towards and improve our policy on a greener environment. A big thank you to our Guests for helping us achieve this.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Our Beautiful Dylan

Tuesday 11th August was a very sad day. Our 2½ year old Bassett Hound Dylan passed away. He was an absolute joy and brought such love and laughter. What a character. On occasions he escaped upstairs to our dining room for a cuddle from Guests. Those who met him loved him, especially Ian and Julie who always brought him treats (and turned him into a Goth!). He was so cuddly, a big living teddy bear.

We would like to thank our wonderful Guests who were with us on Tuesday morning for their understanding when all we could offer them for breakfast was fruit, cereals, toast and tea and coffee. I am sorry I could not provide a cooked breakfast, but after finding Dylan unconscious in his bed, I had to stay with him until the Vet arrived.
In June 2008 Dylan became clumsy and started tripping up, and then falling, so after 3 months of investigations at the Vets the only thing they found was that he had hip displacia, so they sent him for an MRI scan which revealed he had a very rare brain disease. The vets said there was nothing they could do, and in September only gave him about a month to live. We bought him a massive stroller so that we could take him to the beach for a run, which he loved, and if he fell he did not hurt himself. In January 2009 we were lucky enough to learn of a healer who not only worked with people but also with animals. Her name is Eliza and she runs Healing Vibrations. Eliza came every week to work with Dylan and used Theta and Reiki on him. Dylan loved Eliza and was always full of energy when she left. Thank you Eliza for giving Dylan 7 months of quality life, you really did help him. From when his treatment started with Eliza we did not need to use his stroller. He started walking longer distances and in the end was so normal, we had forgotten there was something wrong with him. If you know of anyone who needs healing please contact Eliza at or telephone her on 07769902147, we can fully recommend her.

Dylan was going to be a Goth Dog in October. He was the first dog to wear a Hot Patootie coat at the April Goth Festival ( he can be seen parading the West Cliff on Utube in his Bat coat ). We had just purchased two more, one with skulls and one with spiders. These coats can be worn on their own or with a hot wheat bag inside to keep them warm in winter or to ease aching muscles which is why Dylan had them as he had hip dysplacia. Hope you like the photos. If you like his coats there will be a stall at the October Festival where you can purchase them from Angela, who makes them.

Our Little Cat

It is only right that I also mention on here our Blackie who passed away 3 weeks ago on Wed 22nd July at the grand old age of 20. We were a little worried when we got Dylan as Blackie was an old lady, but had no need to be, she was the Boss, as she had always been over our other dogs, Scamp and Toby many years ago. She was never a cuddly cat, but a loyal and very independent cat, who we miss dearly.